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MF Bentonville: We Have a Class for Everyone.

Build Strength + Confidence With Every Class.

At MF Bentonville, we offer 60+ classes a week that will challenge both your body and mind. A phrase you will often hear our instructors say in class, “The hardest muscle to train is not your legs, not your arms, it’s your MIND!” Let our instructors push you to become a better version of yourself, one workout at a time.

Dark room, loud music – it’s an experience. Expect a big cardio burn as you ride to the beat with sprints & climbs.

Why Choose Group Fitness at McClure?

Accomplish a longer, more intense workout (than you would by yourself) with the help of the instructor’s motivation and the accountability of the group, dying through hard sets together!
A variety of classes keeps your body from getting used to the same workout and your mind from getting bored. Build relationships with members as you’ll see the same people in all the different classes. Three studios under one roof for one price means you can save money and time instead of trekking across town to different studios and paying membership fees at each place. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Always bring water and a towel to every class. Barre, pilates, & yoga will require a mat, which you can rent from us for $5 if needed. We also offer MF’n Cycle shoes for rent for $5.

Our instructors are great at offering modifications and breaks and know that during your first couple of weeks, you’ll need to ease into the full hour.  All levels are welcome, so join us! You’ve got to start somewhere.

No need to create an account the first time. Just browse the website as a guest, pull up our CLASS SCHEDULE & find a time that works for you. You’ll click the + sign & pick a green spot in the class, then add it to your cart. At checkout, you’ll be asked for billing info, then once you’ve finished, you’ll get an email confirmation. SAVE THAT EMAIL! There is a QR code in that email that you will show to the front desk.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes early for your first class. We will help you find your class and get you set up with any equipment you’ll need. 

Yay! Thanks for inviting your buddy. They’ll need to use their own email, though (sorry, our lawyer made us). Send them the above info, “How do I sign up for a class?” to get them started.

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